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Caller Name Speaker


Caller Name Speaker - Transform your android device into a personal assistant telling you who is calling.No need to look at the screen to find who is calling, this Caller Name Speaker app tells you everything when your phone rings & minimizes your efforts to know important calls or SMS without touching the phone.
Caller Name Speaker is a Phone number or Caller Name Talker application. Caller Name Speaker announces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read the content of SMS.
Caller Name Speaker Features: -★ Easy app settings to enable/disable the functionality.★ Enable or disable this functionality for incoming text messages as well.★ You will surely like this Caller Name Announcer app.★ Phone Caller Name★ SMS Sender Name & Content★ Hear it all for Free, without the necessity of touching the phone.★ Set the pitch and tone of the calling voice★ Set the message to read before and after the callers name.
Caller Name Speaker Make your mobile interact with you when any call rings ,any message received and it reminds you the particular event like birthday ,meeting etc.
Caller Name Speaker An App that lets you forget to see who is calling... Just let "Caller Name Speaker" say aloud who is calling you.
Caller Name Speaker The ultimate speaker app for any hands-free environment.
The Best and Unique in the category.
Running for the Phone when phone rings or SMS tweets is a thing of past.
You can enable and disable to speak Caller/Sender Name. This app also read the sender SMS content. You can change the speech rate and language and much more in settings given in this app.Now Caller Name Speaker allow you to set the Ring Volume and Speech Volume in this app given in Sound Settings.
Caller Name Speaker is simple app, which speaks out aloud name of caller on incoming call. This app is very helpful in situations when Your hands are busy, and You cant touch phone, especially when You driving a car, or Your phone is in other place. Speaker allows to identify who is calling, and speak aloud caller name using voice. You can customize speeching, for example you can allow speaker to talk phrases before and after caller ID, also You can set lot more custom options when speaker is talking. Whith this app You can easy find out who is calling to You without looking at phone screen.